Coming in 2019, I have an Urban Fantasy series! The BlackGuard Society: Blood Vendetta is the first book to be released. It features characters from Cursed Hearts, Blessed Hearts, and Worth the Fight. Think of the BGS as the FBI for supernaturals—they apprehend and punish supernaturals behaving badly while keeping humanity safe. An odd pursuit to say the least. Morgan Vladislav—a dhampir—is the great-granddaughter of Morgan le Fay. Ace Broussard—her partner and soul mate—is an alpha wolf shifter. I’m having a lot of fun with this draft.

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Meet morgan vladislav & ace broussard

Agents with The BlackGuard Society


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broken faith

another falls creek romance #5

Theseon, a dark angel, was willing to risk it all, change his whole world….

Tempting humans and keeping them out of Heaven has always been his job. And Theseon is good at it. Numerous women and even some men have fallen to his enticements. Theseon exists in the shadows—a place he’s content to dwell.

But then the meets her.

Grace Martinez—a woman who doesn’t easily fall for Theseon’s charms. In a moment of weakness, Grace allows the brooding male into her home and into her heart. Deep down, she suspects Theseon might need her in his life.

Now, it’s Theseon who’s doing the falling. And he’s going down hard. Problem: his infatuation has angered the King of Hell—Ashmedai.

What happens when you piss off the head demon? There’s hell to pay.

Theseon must face his worst fears while Grace must overcome hers.

Is love enough to redeem a dark soul? Better still, can it erase dark beginnings and point to the light?

second chances: the do-over

another falls creek romance #6

What if you could have a second chance to discover your true love? Would you choose the same person?

Sybil Najex’s punishment in Hell is over. What should have been thirty days of contrition morphed into two months of decadence—the most fun Sybil has had in a long time. But now she must return to Falls Creek and to…

Khan Najex—a male whose greatest delight lies in tormenting the supernaturals in town. When it comes to pleasures of the flesh, he doesn’t go to his wife. Khan prefers his stable of females. It’s a major factor in…

Sybil’s request for an absolution—something only her father-in-law and the King of Hell, Ashmedai, can grant. But he’s not in the habit of dissolving demonic marriages without a real cause.

What he will allow is a do-over—a chance for Sybil and Khan to rediscover love. Over the past two months, random males have displayed their affection for the succubus. Will she choose Khan again or will she opt for the life of a free spirit—a different male each night?

One choice risks not just the Najex marriage but their family; while the other might offer true happiness for one of them.

Can memories of love deter a heart set free?