The BlackGuard Society

An urban fantasy ten book series set in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

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Blood Vendetta

Few have seen The BlackGuard Society, yet they’re all around. When rogue paranormals threaten mankind, the BGS alone is our last line of defense.

The latest case for agents Morgan Vladislav and Ace Broussard is a monster hungry for mayhem…and pretty redheads. But when Morgan kills the suspected perpetrator, she inadvertently unleashes a brand of chaos these seasoned BGS agents have never seen.

Focus is critical, but fate has other plans. Ghosts from Morgan’s past are coming back to haunt her, and these apparitions have claws that can tear the life she’s built to shreds.

With time running out, can the team rally to stop the rising darkness? Or will the vicious storm of war wipe New Orleans’ French Quarter off the map?

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Morgan gets an idea of how bad things can get when an exotic dancer is turned by a vampire summoned by Octavia “Tavi” Mercier. The worst part of it? The Mercier witch finds a way to turn a dhampir into a full vampire threatening Morgan’s way of life.

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Blood Fury

Morgan uncovers more than just a rogue supernatural in this tale. She’s learning truths about her family and their existence in New Orleans. The Mercier threat brings together all forms of vampires in preparation for war against the witches.