Standalone Novels, Anthology Contributions, and Short Stories.

A Christmas-inspired Paranormal Romance

A Christmas-inspired Paranormal Romance

Kelsie & victor are back!

Victor Duquette, a vampire, has seen a few changes in his existence ever since the night he took that forbidden bite. First, he was banned from Falls Creek proper. Then the Fates acted on his behalf and Victor became head of the same council that kicked him and his fiancée out of town. Not such a bad outcome for a guy who only wanted to find love, but then there’s the century old curse he resurrected.

It’s literally sucking the life out of Kelsie Martin, Victor’s succubus girlfriend. Slowly but surely, the gorgeous female is losing her succubus side and becoming a vampire.

Decisions and sacrifices must be made before Kelsie dies. Just how far will Victor go for love?

A Dystopian Zombie Short

A Dystopian Zombie Short

the relics experiment

It’s the year 3035. Earth is a desert wasteland.

 Mankind used up her resources and pillaged the land. The water is polluted. Vegetation is wiped clean. Summer never ends. Food is scarce. Smart citizens made a mass exodus to Earth’s sister planet.

Those who stayed behind live underground. Anyone dumb enough to stay on the surface are becoming Relics (Resistant Entities Living in Corpse Status) at an alarming rate. Left without food sources they turn to cannibalism eating anyone who dares enter their territory.

 Alecia Mathers, part of a military force sent from New Terra, investigates her brother’s death. He was a scientist assigned to gather samples on Earth’s surface, but he died at the hands of a Relic.

Alecia is uncovering secrets. Someone planned her brother’s death. The question isn’t who. It’s why.

(Originally in And The World Will Burn: A Dystopian Anthology)

An Alien Invasion Short

An Alien Invasion Short


Alien shifters is the stuff of a fantastical movies. At least that’s what Lieutenant Michael Kennedy believed. And then he met one—a hot female who sprouted gills when under water. The veteran also believed that said aliens would never invade Earth.

(Originally in Underdogs: Stories That Rescue Your Heart)