hearts duology

The books that started my journey into paranormal romance.

Young Adult

Young Adult

A supernatural romeo & Juliet

Two young supernaturals—one a teenage succubus and the other a vampire—have a chance meeting igniting a flame. But there are rules in Falls Creek. No mixing of species. Ever.
Kelsie Martin, a high school senior, is ready to accept her fate as the consort for the son of the town's head demon. But then she meets a dark, mysterious stranger.
Victor Duquette, masquerading as a college freshman, doesn't like blind dates or frivolous conversation. There are other vampires who would die again to be on his arm, but Victor's not interested.
Kelsie tries to focus on the consort match while Victor can't resist temptation. One nibble later, and he's in agony.

There's a cure for the curse but it involves a great sacrifice on their part. But it won't matter if the supernatural council rules against their relationship.

New Adult

New Adult

he went to hell…for her

Cash Martin, tattoo artist and incubus, doesn't do relationships. Late night debauchery with as many females as he can muster suits him just fine. He's following the golden rule: incubi don't fall in love.

Until her.

Qadira, fifth daughter of Al-Qadir, is a djinniyah on the run from an arranged marriage. She's passing through town when she runs into the one creature she abhors—an incubus.

When someone starts mutilating humans in Falls Creek, suspicion falls on Qadira. Cash provides an alibi and a spark is ignited. The situation becomes complicated when he must travel to Hell to rescue her.

Cash may have put his soul on the line for Qadira, but will he give her his heart?

Blessed Hearts is a New Adult standalone in the Hearts Duology.