All Things Dark & Magickal

A young adult series featuring time travel and retold fairy tales.

All Things Dark & Magickal: The Glass Watch!      Time Travel and Dark Magick

All Things Dark & Magickal: The Glass Watch!

Time Travel and Dark Magick

a gender-flipped cinderella!

Some things shouldn’t be wished for…

Trevor Cuthbert lives in a world where magick is prohibited. 

Hard work, hunger, utter exhaustion are his reality. Wishes can’t bring back the free and easy life he once enjoyed. It’s lost the day his father, a Celestine Spelltwister, dies in a suspicious hunting accident. He practiced magick right under the noses of the Abra Guild—the organization charged with monitoring magick—but didn’t foresee the incident.

Sixteen is the age when magickal abilities arise, but without training Trevor will never use them. If it weren’t for his wicked stepmother, Eleanora, Trevor could enter the Institute of Prodigious Arts (IPA) and earn a certificate to practice. Instead, he wastes away as housekeeper, errand boy, and the family’s only source of income—working odd jobs for a few shillings. His lazy stepsister and selfish half-brother, Arabella and Lance, only care about school and cotillions.

A magickal glass pocket watch and an unintended wish send Trevor to the twenty-first century. It’s an alternate universe where wishcraft rules and everyone loves Trevor. Finally, he has all that he desires—a loving family, a carefree existence, and the girl next door. 

But nothing is that simple. Wishes unfortunately have a tendency to rebound. When a jealous girl casts hers, Trevor has to make a critical choice. Is it possible to be happy and have the love of his life?

Coming July 2019

Coming July 2019

a twisted take on snow white!

At the end of The Glass Watch, Arabella promises to get even with her brother, Trevor. She stumbles across a way when she discovers an old Grimoire in her stepfather’s attic. When Arabella can’t decipher the spells, she takes it to someone who can.

Esther is a bitter woman who grew up with Arabella’s mother—Eleanora. The woman possesses magick and is only to happy to spite Eleanora.

Esther gives Arabella a malum in the shape of an apple. There are seven pockets in it that must be filled with the souls of seven heinous men—Rasputin (sloth), Bad King John (envy), Caligula (lust), Francisco Pizarro (greed), Hitler (pride), Stalin (wrath), and Nero (gluttony). Arabella thinks capturing the souls will enhance her power and make her better than her brother.

Sadly, when one wields bitter fruit, the outcome can be deadly!